Ha’penny Press Ltd
‘The UK’s Leading Raffle Ticket Printer’

About Us

Hidden in the idyllic surroundings of Constable’s Suffolk countryside, Ha’penny Press is at the forefront of printing Raffle Tickets in the UK and has been since 1974.

Raffle Ticket Printing

From our full colour presses, current production tops 300,000,000 tickets a year. We have presses that print both 2/2 and 4/1 raffle tickets with ‘inline’ numbering, perforating and most importantly gluing. We are therefore, able to produce 95% of our books in one pass through the machines. We also have the capability to glue or stitch front covers to ticket books and offer a full in-house design facility.

Raffle Ticket Mailing

We also handle an increasing number of Raffle Ticket mailings. With A3 / A4 continuous cut-sheet laser printers and a 3 way camera match enclosing line, we are able to enclose your mailings in-house.

Response Handling

We are also providing Response Handling services to some of our larger customers. We provide a secure environment, with locked biometric security doors to ensure safe handling of your customers’ data.

Within our group (all under private ownership) we also have full commercial B2 litho and digital print facilities. Other than the envelopes, we produce in-house all of the components that go into a Raffle (or other) mailing, (excluding all but the most complicated of integrated letter / label sheets). This means significant cost savings.

As you are probably aware, a mailing must be single sourced to be VAT exempt. Single sourcing will also reduce carriage costs and bring continuity in all aspects of mailings.

With our experience and buying power we have been able to help our customers make significant savings on postage too – quite often the most expensive part of a mailing.


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