July 25, 2018 | By WebMaster

Putting on a raffle is a great way of making money, and a key reason why you hold one in the first place (Refer back to one of other articles to see the other reasons), but how are you supposed to maximise the amount of Raffle Tickets that you sell? We’ve summed it up in three easy to digest areas for you;

  1. Awareness

Ensure you have a level of awareness for your cause that equals the expectation of success for your raffle. Inform you audiences thoroughly and often, keeping you in their minds is a great way for them to get involved and help raise those needed funds.

Use social media and the power of the internet to get your word out there, unfortunately in this day and age, word of mouth & hand flyers is not enough. Ask your current audiences to share with their friends lists and followers, and if you have a budget look; into the use of social media adverts to gain further exposure.

  1. Time

Timing is everything, think hard about what time of year that best suits your audiences to partake in a raffle. Raffles tend to be held around the important dates of the year and you have to get in front of the other organizations so get your ideas together and start early, plan thoroughly and execute when you want to rather than rushing it because your running late.  Many ticket printers will have cheaper delivery and product costs the earlier you order as it allows them to plan when to produce it, rather than rush it through, this will also give you the tickets early enough to sell them all out and order more if you have to.

  1. Good Prizes

The art of a good prize can real in many more people and more tickets sales as the desire of the audience persuades them to purchase more. Better prizes will also allow you to charge more for the tickets themselves, and audiences won’t mind this as they see the value in the prize they will receive, if they win.

Good prizes usually consist of something that would be useful the audience but they are unlikely to go out and buy it themselves. This way the prize looks more luxurious and your raffle can benefit from the impression that this makes.

These three points are just an overview of how you can maximize your tickets sales, if you wish for more information, please feel free to send us an email, or get involved in the conversation we’re having on our Twitter – @hapennypress.

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