July 25, 2018 | By WebMaster

Holding a raffle can serve many purposes, they are a great way of raising funds for your desired cause and also allow you to raise awareness among your target audiences.

1. Raise Awareness
To open up a raffle to all of your followers & more allows you to push the cause that your raising funds for to a wide, keen audience. Growing your potential stakeholder’s fairs better for the future as it gives you a greater audience to appeal to in the future.

2. Build Relationships
Once these new introductions have been made, you are able to introduce them to the ideas and reasons behind your fundraising. After this you are able to recruit new supporters for future fundraising raffles & events.

3. Give Something Back to Your Supporters
There is no better opportunity to give the back to your dedicated supporters than to give them an opportunity to win something. Not that your supporters ever expect anything in return for supporting your good cause, but it creates an incentive that will allow them to justify giving you that little extra than normal

4. It couldn’t be simpler
Raffle that take place at the time and location of your event do not require a license to do so, allowing you to maximise your fundraising efforts. If you plan to sell tickets before your event, give one of our team a call to discuss the appropriate licensing to ensure you are protected.

5. Of course, raise the funds too
The main reason of a raffle is to create funds for your cause, and it’s also the best reason to hold one for all the points raised above. You’re not just doing it to create funds, but you’re also helping build your community that will allow you to achieve your goals as a non-profit or club.

Our raffle tickets start at £25 for 1,000 and include free artwork and multiple delivery options starting from £5. Call one of the team to find out how raffles can benefit your organization specifically.

Raffle Ticket on the Table