Ha’penny Press Ltd recognises the importance and the need for the development of operational practices related to printing works that will contribute towards an improved sustainable environment. The company will conform to the requirements of the Environment Protection Act 1990, the Control of Pollution Act 1974 and all other applicable legal and other requirements to which it subscribes, and pursue environmentally responsible, sustainable and eco-efficient methods of operating to promote improved standards of working, whilst maintaining the highest quality production. In order to achieve its objective, Ha’penny Press Ltd will have an organisational infrastructure to ensure the availability of resources for continual improvement of the EMS.

Comply with or improve upon the standards required under relevant legislation.

Give full co-operation to statutory bodies administering environmental legislation.

Ensure all environmental aspects and applicable regulatory and other requirements are identified.

Ensure that management personnel familiarise themselves with the requirements of relevant legislation.

Provide instruction to all personnel to enable them to contribute towards the implementation of this policy.

Plan company undertakings, set objectives and targets for environmental improvements and increased sustainability.

Ensure that environmental issues are considered in the decision making process including waste minimisation, recycling options, purchasing of materials/plant and use of appropriately vetted suppliers.

Ensure that noise is reduced to a practicable minimum.

Ensure that potential polluting releases into the environment, where practicable, are eliminated, minimised or controlled to reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

Monitor the use of natural resources utilised by the company to ensure they are used as efficiently as is practicable by continually developing sustainable procurement practices.

Ensure that raw materials and waste products are managed effectively so as to minimise possible adverse effect on the environment, whilst promoting the use of recycled alternatives to increase sustainability.

Consider environmental criteria when purchasing new plant, print materials and products to ensure they will be acceptable to Ha’penny Press Ltd and its customers.

Ensure that the waste products are disposed of in accordance with best practice, and wherever practicable, seek to enhance waste re-use, recycling and the use of recycled materials in accordance with the print industry and quality standards.

Consider the concerns and give opportunity to local communities and other interested parties to build a diverse sustainable environment.

Ensure the efficient use of resources, energy and fuel throughout company operations.

Provide necessary resources to ensure the effective implementation of this policy.

Periodically review this policy to ensure that it continues to reflect the requirements and expectations of society and that it meets the requirements of legislation.

Conduct regular environmental audits with the purpose of determining compliance levels and gathering information for developing improvements on a continuous basis.

Ha’penny Press Ltd will in respect of the company’s undertakings, endeavour to co-operate with clients and regulatory bodies and other interested parties in the common objective of improving our working and living environment.

Brian Connaughton (Managing Director)