Campaign Analysis and Marketing Strategy Support

Any fundraising campaign needs a plan, it helps focus timings, resources and income.  Ha’Penny Press have experienced staff to support you with

  • Marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Testing new products & markets

To be successful, a strategy must be developed. This needs to be supported by facts not guesswork. This can only be done by analysing the correct information.

We understand the importance of analysing your campaign to ensure each project goes from strength to strength.  Our experienced team are here to support you every step of the way

Going from Strength to Strength

At Ha’penny Press we know that a campaign does not end when the mailing goes out.  We are here to help you analyse the results from all perspectives to ensure every campaign goes from strength to strength.

  • Donor Segmenting
  • Postcode support
  • Banking Results
  • Donor Message development
  • Donor profiles
  • Campaign format
  • Patterns of Giving
  • Return on Investment
  • Supporter motivation
  • Forward planning